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Leaving a bad relationship....

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BzyB Sun 24-Apr-16 11:10:51

I posted before last year and things haven't gotten any better. I wanted counselling, bought relationship books etc. he had no interest.
I could post an essay on the strategic incompetence threads here, he is lazy and selfish, hardly parents his daughter, poor hygiene, gambles (recently also taking family money to do it and now we are short on money for a big bill)
Last weekend I talked with him about splitting up and it didn't go as I planned. He made me feel like crap and I ended up taking on extra chores and giving him another chance. But even 5 mins after the chat ended I realised it was a mistake but felt obliged to give it time.
He's actually got worse in the last week.
I'm ready to split... But now also 4 months pregnant, Currently a sahm and feel a bit overwhelmed.

What are my practical steps to prepare to leave this relationship? ( a website with a checklist?)

He works, but hasn't enough money to move out yet. I can't claim as single person til he moves out.... How do people deal with this? ( house rented in my name, and kids and I will stay here)

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