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did i overstep with new friend

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moomoome Sat 23-Apr-16 12:19:17

i have a new friend of a few months. they went on a longish journey. broke down in middle of know where and are going to spend night in car because tow truck says they cant come until tomorrow. i have connections of connections so have asked friend of friend to check on them and take water and sandwich (friend is older with health problems). very worried as i think ive overstepped on this but am very very worried about his health and lack of water. i cant get to him at least until tomorrow as have disabled child and six hour drive. have i really overstepped? would you think i was interfering?

Sunnybitch Sat 23-Apr-16 12:21:30

I think you've done a lovely thing and I'm betting it will be much appreciated smile

Openmindedmonkey Sat 23-Apr-16 12:25:43

I would think you were being thoughtful & lovely!
Of course there are so many other things that spring to mind in this situation- do they have phone coverage there? If so, call them & ask what they need for their own health, safety & sanity - meds, beds, books, etc
It's not your responsibility to fix everything but I'm sure they would appreciate your practical & emotional support.
You sound like a good friend to me!

moomoome Sat 23-Apr-16 12:27:15

thank you Sunny. am so worried as friend is so self sufficient but i am worried about them. i hate to pull strings but just knew who i could cal and they were not far away.

all i can say is if they never speak to me again at least i did what i could to make sure they are ok.

rollonthesummer Sat 23-Apr-16 12:27:53

You obviously know them well enough for you to be someone they let know that they've broken down in the middle of the night! It's not as if you are a stranger?

moomoome Sat 23-Apr-16 12:31:12

hi open. they are very self sufficient in mind. but yes i did speak to them. they have no food and very little water. older than me and health issues. and needed some loo paper. oh and no phone charger. so thats the last conversation. i doubt the 10 miles into town will be an easy walk due to health. i feel that i have invaded there space but i really dont want terrible outcome as they were on way to see elderly relative with terminal condition. :-(

Bree85 Sat 23-Apr-16 16:40:02

Yeah you are a good friend. A very good one and he should appreciate it.

Openmindedmonkey Sat 23-Apr-16 16:48:19

Have you heard from them?
It's a bit late but could you / anyone call a taxi for them?
Hope everyone is ok.

AutumnRose1988 Sun 24-Apr-16 21:11:42

moomoome why are you worrying about something that was clearly the right thing to do? It would be weirder if you hadn't arranged to help a friend out of the shit. If they are remotely shirty with you then I would be considering stepping back from that friendship as you need the right thing.

I am being sincere when I say this Hun...why were you so concerned with offending this person with an inoffensive act? Are they sometimes a bit harsh with you? Are you a little bit of a worrier? (Asked in a nice manner with no nastiness intended...reading your question made me worry about you and why you were asking)

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