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ExH venting his spleen to DD

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meikyo Fri 22-Apr-16 20:29:56

I am raging inside. Exh has been Mr Difficult from time to time. Split up nearly 8 years ago.Have been divorced over 4 years. Have a DD aged 13. Over the years I have tried really hard to be even handed and not to talk negatively about her dad. He has regular contact.
Last year DD was upset as she felt caught in the middle sometimes. I arranged counselling for her and she had a few sessions on her own and one each on her own with her dad and with me (separate sessions). The whole point was for her to be able to tell us that she wanted us to get on and did not want us to talk down the other parent.
I have absolutely taken this on board. ExH and have even been going to parents night/school concerts etc together. However ExH and I recently had a small disagreement re contact arrangements for Easter holidays which was resolved. I said nothing to DD about this matter.
Unfortunately, DD came home after a recent visit to her dad and told me that he had been ranting on to her about his spat with me. Apparently it was quite unpleasant for DD. I am so annoyed with him for doing this as he attended the counselling sessions and promised not to put DD in the middle.
He has gone no contact with me and has started court action (details in Legal) against me re contact arrangements. Basically he has thrown his toys out of the pram.. I don't know why but he has a history of MH issues. Currently my approach to him is to just ignore, ignore, ignore but I am so upset on DD's behalf.
I just need a place (here) to get it out!!!

Slowdecrease Wed 04-May-16 17:26:17

It's annoying but ultimately this will happen. You can't change what someone else says. Most women swear blind they've never said a bad word about their ex in front of their kids - most women (me included) want to believe that's true but know full well its not 100% is what it is we are all human. Deep breaths and ignore.

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