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I'm being resentful of my husband - how to stop

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waitingforsomething Fri 22-Apr-16 07:17:52

A couple of months ago I quit my (professional) job instead of returning after mat leave, in order to join my husband for an overseas assignment to help him progress in his career.

It took a lot of thought and I thought I was okay about it but now I'm here I am struggling and finding it hard not to blame him and be grumpy with him.
I am homesick, I've got a baby and another little one and I'm not finding it easy to get work. I'm bored and I don't have proper friends, all normal for moving overseas I guess.

It's not forever, in fact I'm only here for 10 more months, but I am chronically bored and by the time he gets home from work I'm boiling up inside about being a 'trailing spouse' and a bored SAHM when he's out doing his interesting job all day and joining his colleagues for a peaceful, child-free lunch every day!!

I love my husband and he's doing everything to help me keep busy. He gets home on time almost every evening to help bath and bed the kids and we do nice stuff at the weekends together. I need to change my mindset and stop being short with him but I feel like it's his opportunity and not mine and my resentment is simmering. How do I stop this?! Anyone been in a similar situation?

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