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Moving on

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Hellokitty105 Thu 21-Apr-16 17:19:15

What do you do to move on from someone?

Long story short, met someone 7 months ago whos living near me for study (he actually lives 140 miles away) and we really get on. However, we've never really 'labelled' our 'relationship/friendship' and i wouldnt introduce him or call him my boyfriend, its not something we've ever really discussed except when we were drunk and we agreed we were more than just friends!?

We usually message everyday and i see him a lot but my mum (whos typically traditional) is pressuring me to bring him home and label him as my boyfriend! I've had a chat with her and expained this will only happen on my terms, when im ready and the time is right but i do understand her point. Every time he's gone back home I've gone with him and met his mum (about 5 times) and stayed for a week each time (including christmas and his mums 50th party).

I dont really think i can do this anymore.. with the pressure from my mum its starting to put doubts in my head about what we're doing and whether it ever will be anthing more which is annoying because i think as long as your happy you shouldnt have to please everyone else.

I just feel maybe i should stop seeing him altogether but i know i'll miss him even as a friend!? Im keeping busy and seeing other friends because im not one to stop in and do nothing but what can i do when they're busy so i dont give in and go out with him?? What can i do to forget about him?

This ended up being longer than i thought but i need to get it out!

TheNaze73 Thu 21-Apr-16 17:23:50

Don't bow down to pressure from your Mum. He doesn't sound like your boyfriend on the face of it but, have you ever asked him, where things are going? You can still be friends, even if it's going nowhere but, you sound in limbo

HuskyLover1 Thu 21-Apr-16 20:38:19

Surely, at 7 months in, you should know where you bloody stand??!!

My DH asked me to be exclusive on date 2, and he moved in with me after 8 months. Proposed about a year later and got married a year after that. No games. No second guessing.

I think you are letting this guy mess you about? He sounds a bit "flimsy" to me.

If you haven't had the Exclusive Talk after 7 months, if I was in your shoes I'd arrange a date with another guy and tell him that's why you can't see him this weekend but to be fair, I am a bitch when it comes to shit like this, and I value my own worth very, very highly

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