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working away

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MissingHome22 Tue 19-Apr-16 22:37:58

I work in the medical industry and take various contracts of differing lengths lecturing on certain topics. A few months ago was offered a job with a promotion to start at the beginning of this month. I was told the job would involve working away in Spain for two weeks at a time on occasion. I discussed it with my DP and we decided I should go for it. I'll save a lot of money doing this job which will go towards our wedding and it's a promotion so hopefully good for my career long term. When I'm away I'm in a very remote part of the country which is almost impossible to get to in a day and very expensive. I started the job and now have to be away for 6 weeks at a time a few times for various reasons. I'm enjoying the job but am finding it so so tough being away from my fiancé. We can speak on the phone but I'm doing long hours and only get ten minutes a day or twenty if we are really lucky. I'm only working, eating and sleeping here so never have anything interesting to tell him. Meanwhile he's carrying on as normal having a social life and doing all the things we normally would be doing. I don't begrudge him this I just worry about the effect it's having on our relationship.

The job is good and colleagues are lovely and I know it won't be forever but has anyone else had experience of this and how do you cope being away from your loved ones?

TheNaze73 Wed 20-Apr-16 08:36:07

My ex wife, worked & lived in another European city. It's when she came back to England, that we had our issues but, that's a different story....

I think it's totally possible to maintain any relationship, with any distance if you both want the same things. The bits you miss out on are the boring mundane things (which in the grander scheme of things, do matter) but, everything else can be maintained. It might sound too mechanical for some but, we knew when good times to call were, treated them as our dates & the weekends we got together were electric. It can be done. Good luck

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