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Bringing the fun back

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Dontknow12 Sun 17-Apr-16 19:46:32

Together for 15 years and to be honest sex has decreased as time has gone on. We have had a rough time recently and he has hinted that things aren't fun anymore, my guess is he means sex. How do I get the spark back? Not interested in doing it everyday but just getting back to the point where it doesn't just feel like we are flatmates sad

1DAD2KIDS Sun 17-Apr-16 20:34:27

Can you get away somewhere? Create a special atmosphere away from the grind of everyday life. Some where private that is solely your space. Personally if you can find a place with a large double bath for two that could be nice. A few candles, some bubbly. It's a fun place you can be naked and comfortable around each other. Relax, enjoy a drink and each others company. I think the rest would just follow.

I would also advise if you are both nakered for daily life find a couple of days and have a rest on the first. After our first baby I booked a super romantic suite for a sexy new years eve. We both fell asleep by 9. Got woke up a 3am by a drunk couple having a bust up out side our room.

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