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Pregnancy hormones / him being a dick / or are we a jus tired?

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Mikethenight2good Sat 16-Apr-16 22:08:31

I am 33 weeks pg and due in for a c section next month. Have already had one hospital due to an issue in the last few weeks. I am still pretty mobile but we have a toddler and I don't finish work till next week. However I am struggling a little and pretty anxious post hospital stay. Hubby works shifts and works most weekends so I am currently working in the week and sole child care at the weekend.

What is really pissing me off is sometimes if I ask for help or say can you do something I get the roll of the eyes of huff and puff and he reluctantly does it. I have told him so many times I would rather he said no. I find it passive aggressive. He says he is tired (which he is to be fair as their shifts are 70 hours over 7 days). But fecking grow a pair and say no. It makes me not want to ask for help and I know I am going to need more post c section especially with a toddler.
I have no tolerance for such shit at the moment.

Seeyounearertime Sat 16-Apr-16 22:12:00

But fecking grow a pair and say no.

Or he could spend the energy he's using rolling his eyes to actually help his heavily pregnant partner?

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