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What makes a good relationship?

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FlounderingWildly Sat 16-Apr-16 13:26:43

Just that really. I've lost sight a bit recently but I'd also be interested to know what others consider normal must haves in a ltr. Thanks.

HormonalHeap Sat 16-Apr-16 22:04:49

I need to highly respect the person I'm with, trust him and like him. Then doing things for eachother, eg he switches off my alarm in the morning, takes my ds to school (his ss) and brings me coffee and papers in bed. I cook him lovely meals. We don't always agree and we definitely argue, but we're both committed to the relationship.

BG2015 Sun 17-Apr-16 08:41:30

Look at the posts about Green Flags, that will give you an idea about a good relationship

Fratelli Sun 17-Apr-16 10:26:42

I think aside from the usual love and trust ect a good relationship is also when you make each other better people.

RiceCrispieTreats Sun 17-Apr-16 11:59:35

Being friends. Having each other's best interests at heart. Being together because you like and respect the person and wish them well, and not to fill some gaping need in your psyche.

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