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Thank You

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TougherthanIlook Thu 14-Apr-16 21:39:38

First time poster here who would like to say a big Thank You to all the amazing people on this board who have indirectly helped me get through the past few difficult months. Thanks to you taking the time to share your experiences and offer advice to others I now know my ex is an abusive man who chose to treat me the way he did. This forum, along with the support I have had from Women's Aid, has been invaluable to me. flowers for each and every one of you.

springydaffs Thu 14-Apr-16 21:53:11

Oh that's great! rah rah! flowers wine cake star

tipsytrifle Thu 14-Apr-16 22:51:20

That's wonderful! Wishing you all the very best for the bright and happy life you will create now chocolate

GarlicShake Fri 15-Apr-16 01:51:07

Oh, well done flowers Thanks for your post. Wishing you all the good luck & support you need while making your life 100% better!

amarmai Fri 15-Apr-16 01:55:51

KOKO ,op. Best of luck in your new life.

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