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mrsfleming32 Thu 14-Apr-16 06:31:23

Why are men such total dicks sometimes??

Costacoffeeplease Thu 14-Apr-16 07:09:07

What has he done?

mrsfleming32 Thu 14-Apr-16 07:17:10

Totally over reacted when I asked him for his contribution towards the bills.
"You've done this to annoy me"
"I've had a hard day"
Such a little bitch sometimes.
DD having op today. Didn't need him being such a bloody baby.
He said I needed to remind him and I said "you should remember".
Apparently this wasn't the right answer.

Costacoffeeplease Thu 14-Apr-16 07:21:35

Yes he sounds like a complete dick - why should you have to remind him - is he always like this?

Hope all goes well with the opflowers

mrsfleming32 Thu 14-Apr-16 07:28:35

I think he was annoyed that he'd forgotten. Silent treatment today I think. Wanker

velocitygir1 Thu 14-Apr-16 07:45:57

Men can be such bloody idiots!!!

Hope the op goes well, my son just had some major surgery at BCH and due another one on the 27th. Stress.

Let us know how it goes X

StillDrSethHazlittMD Thu 14-Apr-16 08:14:00

I believe anyone can be a total dick sometimes, even women.

Hope OP goes well.

TheNaze73 Thu 14-Apr-16 08:27:53

I'm with StillDr We can all be total dicks at times. It's not exclusive to men.

Good luck though OP

mrsfleming32 Thu 14-Apr-16 08:33:53

Thanks ladies. Tonsils and adenoids out for sleep apnoea

StillDrSethHazlittMD Thu 14-Apr-16 08:46:26

And not everyone on here is a lady, either smile

mrsfleming32 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:19:41

Hehe wink

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