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Joint Baptism/ Wedding

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drexmom Mon 11-Apr-16 22:50:56

For the mom's that held joint baptism wedding and it wasn't secret. What wording did you use on your invites? We're doing joint ceremony but no clue how to word it. I want the focus to me on my LO's baptism. Help!

suspiciousofgoldfish Tue 12-Apr-16 03:33:48

We did this, had a great day and as I'm an avid multi tasker it all felt very efficient.

Our invites were pretty straightforward -

Dear whoever,

You are invited to the wedding ceremony of Goldfish and Husband and the Baptism of Goldfish Junior
On time and date

We got the invites printed online and designed them ourselves (loads of companies to choose from) and so I would say if you want focus to be on your LO just make the text about the baptism bigger, put up an image of baby etc.

We found it all very easy and was a lovely day. Congratulations and enjoy!

Cabrinha Tue 12-Apr-16 06:27:22

It seems a bit odd that you want the focus to be on your child's baptism. Most people will surely think the wedding more important / celebratory?
If you truly want the focus on the baptism I would get married the day before, with minimal guests, and then do the baptism as a married couple. Even then, I bet more guests are going to congratulate you and give you the whole "don't you look lovely in your dress" thing than will talk about the baptism.
If you want the focus on baptism to be more because it's more important to you, then why not give it the emphasis of not sharing the event?

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