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I'm just curious...

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Ahappynewmummy Mon 11-Apr-16 22:35:27

here I am lying in bed not well at all, reading mn posts and started to think of the situation of when my abusive ex finished with me. if I knew about mn back then I'd have been on here asking this question then.

trying to keep this short. in 2013 on Halloween I was at my dn when I had a phone call off my ex (out of the blue) saying he's finishing with me and he doesn't love me no more. do you think there was an ow? also once he noticed or was stronger on my own he started to crawl back into my life. why would he do that do you think?

before people ask I'm just curious to what you all think. I don't care at all about him.

Smorgasboard Mon 11-Apr-16 23:09:15

Nothing can put an ex's nose out of joint more than a show of how much better you are doing without them. However, anyone would have to be a mindreader to know if an OW was involved, if you don't know, we can't guess any better.

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