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DD upset after separation, how to help her?

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guiltyfeeling Mon 11-Apr-16 18:40:43

my partner and I have split over a year ago, we have 3 children. The 2 older ones seem to get on with it really well (in fact, when we still lived together it was them who asked a few times "why don't you split up to stop all this arguing?"). So now he has his own apartment. We have no set arrangements, he comes around when he has time (and is bothered).
That's what really annoys me - I am expected to be always there for the kids (it was like that when we still lived toghether, so no big change there), and he just turns up every now and again giving it how great a dad he is. He often gets the older kids over to his place, but with the youngest one (6) I usually have to ask and remind him to spend time with her (so when he does turn up we often argue).
So, anyway, I would be grateful for any advice how to help my DD to get over this unfortunate arrangement as she loves her dad, and is sorry for him, and would like to see him more often... I would just hate it for her to be in any way scarred by my hapless handling of the dude (he does bring my blood to boil but this is another story)

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