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long distance relationships & what makes a relationship good?

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Slowprogress Sun 10-Apr-16 17:11:14

So I have met someone that I really like! He lives quite far away confused

We get on really well, I even feel like he is someone I would trust and I don't trust people easily! I really like his personality and his vibe and for the first time in a long time I have met someone that I can imagine having a relationship with shockshock (very unusual for me).

Looks wise he isn't the type I would normally go for (most of my relationships are based on sex and the fact that I fancy them even if they arnt right for me). I know this sounds stupid but I feel like I don't always know what makes a good relationship.

The things I like about him are different from what I normally like about people, I like the way he thinks and talks and the fact that he is very outdoorsy and likes nature and I'm not really that much into nature but with him I would like to go out and about exploring etc!

But he lives far away! Really we could visit each other say once or twice a month! Do you think with the right person you can make it work?

RedRainRocks Sun 10-Apr-16 19:59:00

Yes. With a huge amount of trust and some well developed communication skills; sure you can. If it develops into something more permanent, one of you will obviously have to make the move so to speak... Is there anything on either side that would make that difficult - kids for example or niche employment etc? I think that's more likely where the issues will arise - not now but in the future. Fingers crossed, hope it works out for you smile

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