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What little things does your man do that really irritate you?

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Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 14:47:25

My list includes:

Putting dirty nappies on TOP of the nappy pail rather than inside it.

Hanging his coat on the door handle of the coat closet rather than inside it.

Coming home from work, putting his very expensive suit jacket on the back of a kitchen dining chair then going to the bedroom to undress. Inevitably the jacket gets something smeared on it by sticky little fingers but he never seems to learn.

Forgetting to take his wet swim towel out of his gym bag then using one of our good bath towels the next time he goes for a swim leaving the mouldy gym towel for me to deal with.

Dumping his gym bag in the hall outside the cupboard that I cleared out especially for his gym bag.

When there are only a few dirty dishes he just shoves them in on top of the already clean dishes in the dishwasher and runs the whole lot again, thereby getting the dirty dishes somewhat clean and the clean dishes somewhat dirty.

Anyone else driven to the brink of insanity by little things like this??

mawbroon Fri 12-Jan-07 14:57:20

Mine is the opposite about the work thing Kaloo. Every day, when asked, according to him was "fine". Nothing more, just "fine" so I have no idea if he is stressed at work, whether he likes his job or not, never mind what he actually does day in day out!!

Kaloo20 Fri 12-Jan-07 14:38:29

Ladies, I shouldn't be reading this thread on my 4th day in a new job, I'm sitting here howling with laughter and dabbing my eyes as they stream with tears. I just have to add my bit..

Things I haven't seen mentioned yet that drive me potty include

Telling me about his working day - in detail the moment he walks in the door before he even has his coat off

Putting post back in the envelopes and then just leaves it

Shouts in his mobile phone - very Dom Jolyesque - and has to be constantly pacing up and down - even in the house

At the end of any conversation, he recaps what he wants done, then summarises what he has said, before finally he 'runs through the salient points' until I have completely tuned out and lost interest.

Anniegetyourgun Fri 12-Jan-07 14:15:08

I asked mine once why, on the rare occasions he changed his clothes, he didn't put them into the laundry basket. He replied that they were too dirty to put in with the other things.

Still trying to figure that one out.

saralou100 Fri 12-Jan-07 12:03:04

i can't see through the tears of laughter! all men are the same weird creatures!! where do they come from?

one thats really driving me insane at the moment is the not answering when i've said something, so i repeat it, and then he shouts that he heard the first time - he's deaf in 1 ear, so it's quite likely he hasn't heard me if he hasn't responded! aaargh

then theirs all the other usual suspects..

washing goes on floor in front of washbin instead of in it..

can't make tea/toast without destroying my clean kitchen..

constantly turning the telly ovr to sky sports news (it's on a loop, same thing every hour)

toothbrush Fri 12-Jan-07 11:38:17

mine lives with me - that is enough! male & females should live separate - too many things to mention, but one word to sum up things that he does to make me mad is that he is just plain - selfish! when packing groceries away at supermarket its "i am just going to look at dvds", and then he reappears miracously once packing done, wont cook or do diy, wont get up in night for ds, wont change his routine ( i think at times he could be OCD!", picks the skin off his feet and chews it - vile, wipes snot under car seat, ugh, oh the list is endless - i must now stop.

fizzbuzz Fri 12-Jan-07 10:13:24

Told dp that I had posted about him on here, and he said, have you said that I also always clean bathroom (incl toilet!) and do all shopping (but that is because I spend to much money when I do it!

And I said "errr...No" <slinks away guiltily>

elfmum Fri 12-Jan-07 09:28:10

Opens jar of e.g. olives or capers and then puts half full jar back in cupboard instead of fridge, shaves and doesn't rinse out the sink or waits until I've cleaned bathroom and have nice shiny sink and then shaves and doesn't rinse out sink... and lots of things other people have written.

So glad I have read this thread cos am going through bad patch with d?p at moment and all the things like rushing ahead, not waiting, not listening to me, not replying to simple questions, changing tv programme when I am watching something, not being able to find anything, asking me to help him with something and then being short with me if I go on too long, criticising me in front of my dd (21 months) have been making me v upset. And now I see it's not just mine - it's all of them and I've had a good giggle too and can put in perspective a bit more.

Thanks everyone.

mawbroon Fri 12-Jan-07 09:21:51

Oh ditto yawningmonster. DH arrives home from work right after I have given ds and the mindees their tea. He only notices that the kitchen is untidy. I could have grown another head and he wouldn't notice!! Then he asks if there's a cup of tea in the pot instead of just going and looking for himself!!

yawningmonster Fri 12-Jan-07 08:17:27

Walks in and ignores the fact I have cleaned the house, done the washing, fed, dressed and entertained his dc and comments on the one thing I haven't done "That rubbish is rank, it was rubbish day or did you forget again?!" etc...

overthehill Fri 12-Jan-07 00:58:54

My dh is very good in lots of ways & I don't always appreciate it: getting up with the dc's in the morning to get their breakfast, bringing me a cup of tea to wake me up, washing dishes, cooking & doing his share of household chores and taking the dog out every night. However, there are some familiar men-faults I recognise: never cleaning the loo nor flushing it after a wee, leaving tissues in trouser pockets when putting them in the wash, tidying away things I'm using eg knives, pot holders when I'm cooking (drives me insane!), breaking/chipping crockery like there's no tomorrow, using the kitchen towel as a pot holder so it's never there when I want to dry my hands, hanging up washing so it's incredibly creased & HAS to be ironed (which he never does), leaving lights on in all rooms and fires burning for hours when there's no-one in the room, leaving gas rings on (sometimes I wonder why the house hasn't burnt down!), not putting CD's back in their cases, biting his nails, not listening when I tell him things & then denying I have, racing on ahead when we're out, making scrambled egg & always leaving the saucepan for me to clean, emptying everything down the kitchen plugholes so they constantly get blocked up... But then I have lots of annoying habits too (which he usually ignores) like being very untidy, never wanting to throw anything away, constantly moaning at him, spending too much time on the computer, especially wasting my time playing card games, leaving dishes to soak & forgetting to wash them, accusing him of having moved the things I lose, staying up too late eg now...I'd better stop & go to bed before I think of any more of my bad points!

fizzbuzz Thu 11-Jan-07 20:02:54

Leaving boat size shoes everywhere seems to be a male thing to me.

Dh takes a 10, dss's and ds take 12, 11, 10, and ALL leave their shoes everywhere. Am bloody sick of falling over/stubbing toes on them all the time.

Getting in our front door is like some sort of test, especially when you factor in all their bags as well.

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 11-Jan-07 19:49:13

Oh & he too occasionally has a nap during the day . It's even infuriating that he asks me first if I mind, because I'm sure if i ever said yes i do (i never have except for one occasion when we were supposed to be watching a film together with dd, and that did end in a row actually) he would just sulk about it.

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 11-Jan-07 19:47:35

it's terrible isn't it, i keep thinking of more too!

Now & then (not very often) boyf does get up not long after we have, but all he does is curl up on the bed in the living room (was a sofabed, but it's broken) and go back to sleep!

twoisenoughmum Thu 11-Jan-07 18:48:24

One more to add - I posted earlier - if we have pizza, I hardly ever eat a whole one. So I put my uneaten slice in the fridge to have for lunch tomorrow. He always, but always, takes a bite (out of the pointy end too) and puts it back in the fridge. Like I wouldn't notice.

Oh and another one, cos he's doing it now. He always falls asleep at some point during the day if he has a day off, and at weekends. He does this because he rarely goes to bed before 1am and he's up at 7am for work.

He does have his good points. Can't remember exactly what they are atm .

iwearflairs Thu 11-Jan-07 18:47:48

leaves dirty washing up water in sink on pretext that he hasn't finished with it yet when he and I know that he just forgotten to pull out the plug

leaves toenails to grow long until they look all yellowy and werewolf-like

leaves shoes in doorways and corridors or anywhere that anybody else can break their neck on them

says 'oh no, bloody dogshit' EVERY TIME we see some walking down the street

gets into a rage when neighbours play loud music for a party which happens about twice a decade

swears loudly at other motorists for minor breaches of highway code

goes to bed at 10:30 every night

hates chinese takeaway

always answers the question 'how are you?' with a detailed description of health (usually ailing)

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 11-Jan-07 18:22:25

DetentionGrrrl - boyf & i are the other way round re the leaving lights on thing.

Also the picking at nails.

Rumpel Thu 11-Jan-07 15:01:26








Tex111 Thu 11-Jan-07 15:00:42

Wow, what did I start?! I agree dotcotton, I'm feeling a bit less irritated with DH's little foibles after reading through this. It's not HIM it's just men in general.

dotcotton Thu 11-Jan-07 11:38:44

Thanks to this thread i now have the biggest smirk on my face every time dh commits one of these offences, it's great it makes them all a bit less irritating.

Last night i was chopping some food at the worksurface, he went to look in the cupboard in front of me, opened it so the door was in front of my face and then asked me where something IN THAT CUPBOARD was.. amazing...needless to say right in front of him but how did he think i could see through the door??

VoluptuaGoodshag Thu 11-Jan-07 11:32:13

Apparently the not being able to find things in front of their nose is to do with the way their brain is programmed. For example if they are shouting (because they never ask quietly) where the butter is, they are looking for the actual word 'butter' so if the tub is turned round the other way they cannot see it. They also have worse peripheral vision than women so whilst they can see distances in front of them they cannot see the whole picture (something to do with ancient hunting instinct). There are stats to prove that most side on impacts in car accidents happen to men because they don't see things coming from the side.

DetentionGrrrl Thu 11-Jan-07 10:08:15

Leaves every light on in the house as he goes room-to-room. Ends up looking like Blackpool, and i end up sounding like my Dad 'Tsk, wasting electricity...'

mawbroon Thu 11-Jan-07 09:50:30

-Acts all surprised when I tell him any kind of plan as if he had never heard it before when in fact I have told him it 100 times!
-Cleans out his electric razor by blowing all the stubble out of it. It very often lands in my contact lens case which has to be left open to dry in the air. Bristles in the eye are not pleasant.
-Asking where I have hidden things when he can't find them.

Lysettes Wed 10-Jan-07 21:24:24

mine asks me a question then doesn't listen to the answer, prompting repeated asks of same question

tidies up after me - this may sound like a godsend, but when i leave things where i know they are and then he's moved them I think I'm losing my mind

wakes ds (6 months) up at about 9pm when he gets home from work by talking to him and rubbing his cheek and then proclaims it wasn't him - when I can hear it all on the monitor!

constantly turns the TV over and goes straight to sport

but generally he's pretty great

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 18:13:11

Oh yes scootermum, also relate to the wolfing down food thing - if we are both starting on some nice pud or something, his has disappeared when I'm still halfway through my first mouthful! I mean, literally! Same goes for hot chocolate. I can't understand why he doesn't want to enjoy it properly. What's the point of wolfing down something delicious in one mouthful??? He says "It's the feeling afterwards that I like!"

FloatingOnTheMed Wed 10-Jan-07 17:42:55

Coming over, putting his feet up & reading my magazines (eg Heat ) before I've even had a chance to look at them!

oh & saying "Buy Heat this week, go on..." but always refusing to buy it himself, or even for me!

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