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What little things does your man do that really irritate you?

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Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 14:47:25

My list includes:

Putting dirty nappies on TOP of the nappy pail rather than inside it.

Hanging his coat on the door handle of the coat closet rather than inside it.

Coming home from work, putting his very expensive suit jacket on the back of a kitchen dining chair then going to the bedroom to undress. Inevitably the jacket gets something smeared on it by sticky little fingers but he never seems to learn.

Forgetting to take his wet swim towel out of his gym bag then using one of our good bath towels the next time he goes for a swim leaving the mouldy gym towel for me to deal with.

Dumping his gym bag in the hall outside the cupboard that I cleared out especially for his gym bag.

When there are only a few dirty dishes he just shoves them in on top of the already clean dishes in the dishwasher and runs the whole lot again, thereby getting the dirty dishes somewhat clean and the clean dishes somewhat dirty.

Anyone else driven to the brink of insanity by little things like this??

divamumdiva Mon 15-Jan-07 22:01:13

This is great thread. Dh is irritates me all the time, but i cant remember much now
- he calls me messy cook, although he calls me best cook
- he removes full binbag out of bin, and forgets to put new liner
- he tickles me loads, even though he knows i hate it. since had dd, it gets worse, i wet myself at some point
to be continued..

bandstand Mon 15-Jan-07 21:29:41

slops redwine around the house, even in th sugar!

bandstand Mon 15-Jan-07 21:27:00

help around the ouse? pah, no way

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 21:26:20

OMG - are black cables a "male" thing? I asked my DH to tidy some up and he just shoved them further into the back of things. When I suggested "figure of eight" he looked at me like I was speaking dutch.

Now I've joined in. I didn't mean to do that...

It was the cables, they lured me.

bandstand Mon 15-Jan-07 21:23:18

in control of the remote
doesnt like me on mn
stays up late and can't get up in the morning.
asks "what's happened" on the tv when i am not even watching.
will add more later

fizzbuzz Mon 15-Jan-07 21:08:35

maggi, cables LOL. We have enough cables in our house to fire the national grid, AND they are all over the place like nests of black snakes.

Really really hate them, There is always at least one on every surface in the house. 2 right next to me as I speak (type!). I never use any of them.

FromGirders Mon 15-Jan-07 18:55:06

You got it sleepfinder! So much intelligence in there, there's no room left for any common sense . . .

BigHotMama Mon 15-Jan-07 18:54:20

My Dh is a good man but I do have little pet hates about him which is only natural...

When he gets home from work he strips off his clothes, comes over to tell me about his day while scratching and flicking his willy.

Collects empty cans of coke by his bedside.

Gets the bathroom floor soaked when having a shower.

Collects dirty tissue in a pile by his bed.

Sometimes wears pants that are not clean, not sure where he keeps them.

Goes through every little detail of a story when I just want the main part...

Knows exactly whats on t.v every night and has it all mapped out what we are going to watch.

Doesnt always throw away the dirty nappy sacks out of ds's bedroom.

Keeps trying to put his leg on me during the night and waking me up.

Am sure there are loads more, this thread is ace...

belgo Mon 15-Jan-07 18:43:40

my dh blows his nose really loudly. Bit of a problem at night at he wakes the whole house up when he does it.

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 18:42:22

Yes but FG I bet he's very VERY good at whatever he does for a living / is a clever so and so and this is a bit of the "absent minded professor" type thing going on, maybe?

FromGirders Mon 15-Jan-07 18:41:03

He's just pretty awful at noticing anything. He's also been known to walk past things - i'll say "remember to put X in the car", he says "OK" but by the time he's put on his coat and walked out the door, he's completely forgotten and walks straight on by.

Pinkchampagne Mon 15-Jan-07 18:40:06

Comes in through the front door!

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 18:38:44

Oh FG that's quite endearing

FromGirders Mon 15-Jan-07 18:27:50

Mostly, my dh is lovely. I get long lies at the weekend sometimes, he is great with the kids and really pulls his weight.
But sometimes he is so stupid, I despair.
Last night he put DD to bed without putting any sheets on it. I'd taken them off to wash, put them in the tumble dryer, and told him that's where they were. Then when I went in to check her (at midnight) she was in an unmade bed, all cosied up with the disposable bed-protector! Her wee head was all sweaty from lying on the plastic. I mean, really!!

sleepfinder Mon 15-Jan-07 18:11:33

Mine does nothing "little" that annoys me.

I get annoyed / irritable when I've not had enough food or sleep - nothing to do with him, poor bastard!

If anything about him GENUINELY annoyed me I think I'd have probably have married the wrong man.

maggi Mon 15-Jan-07 17:44:53

If I ask him to help with the housework he says "what needs doing" to which I reply "If you cant tell then it obviously doesn't need doing, so I'm not going to do it either"

He worked in a supermarket, he was the only one to use sugar in the house, and yet he would tell ME off if he ran out of sugar!

Holds the remote in his hand when watching tv.

Tells me off for buying so much fruit as we are on a budget and then buys burgers for his work lunch every day.

Buys all sorts of black electrical gadgets and hids them in various drawers around the house. At last count I found 14 electrical cables/chargers in one drawer alone.

fizzbuzz Fri 12-Jan-07 21:13:09

Dp puts wet teatowel back in drawer, which is worse than chucking then on the side IMO, as they start to smell, and affect all other teatowels in drawer...

Until eventually I have to take them out, and wash them, including the clean ones...

TheArmadillo Fri 12-Jan-07 20:56:23

what is it with the teatowel thing - it drives me up the wall. Both dp and lodger do it. The do it to the oven gloves too.

Actually so does my dad.

Why why why why why?

KentuckyFreudChicken Fri 12-Jan-07 20:53:55

- whenever he uses the teatowel he screws it up and chucks it on the worktop

- leaving the landing light on

-cutting his toenails and leaving in a little pile on bedside table (not done that since I turned my hairdryer on one morning having not seen them and I was incandescant with rage).

- always asking me what the children are wearing today

Elasticwoman Fri 12-Jan-07 20:32:51

Drowns out the dialogue on tv by prolonged and noisy farting.

Always telling me how lucky I am that he still fancies me after all these years, how lucky I am that he took me off the shelf, even how lucky I am that he has such an eloquent bottom (oh and how pert it is.)

Falls asleep on sofa of an evening, sometimes even snores.

swifterella Fri 12-Jan-07 19:27:19

god i have so many! this is a revised version!

Always but always comes home from work and then 5 minutes later goes for a poo ust before he or me is about to bath DS, so then it stinks all the way through bath time

when washing up, leave the pans as they are too 'difficult'

leaves tea bags in the sink?!!!

never listens to me - ust closes down when i try and talk about my day and then expects me to listen to a diatribe about his day and how 'important' it was- ZZzzzzzz

bar all that I love him very much but he dont half piss me off!!

FloatingOnTheMed Fri 12-Jan-07 18:36:16

Have thought of a couple more!!!

- When he makes a cup of tea, he only makes half a cup. I have no idea why!

- When he washes up, he puts all the cutlery in the cutlery drying thingy when actually they have their own thingy to go in iykwim, so i just have to take them all out of the one on the draining board & back in their own...

BUT today he has been wonderful - done huge pile of washing up, made cups of tea {hence me thinking of these things! ), played with dd while i had a hot bath for an hour, & when i resurfaced he even offered to continue playing with her if i wanted a lie down! Then later on when i was having a meltdown after dd disobeyed me for the 40th time he took over & dealt with her, got her to apologise to me, & played with her for 20 mins while i calmed down watching Neighbours! awww.

missingmywine Fri 12-Jan-07 17:01:13

Comes home each night...........

happyatlast Fri 12-Jan-07 16:32:30

and mine always changes channel to sky sports news aswell, it gets better!!

happyatlast Fri 12-Jan-07 16:30:44

saralou100 mine is deaf in one ear, I wonder if its the same guy???!!!!

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