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What little things does your man do that really irritate you?

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Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 14:47:25

My list includes:

Putting dirty nappies on TOP of the nappy pail rather than inside it.

Hanging his coat on the door handle of the coat closet rather than inside it.

Coming home from work, putting his very expensive suit jacket on the back of a kitchen dining chair then going to the bedroom to undress. Inevitably the jacket gets something smeared on it by sticky little fingers but he never seems to learn.

Forgetting to take his wet swim towel out of his gym bag then using one of our good bath towels the next time he goes for a swim leaving the mouldy gym towel for me to deal with.

Dumping his gym bag in the hall outside the cupboard that I cleared out especially for his gym bag.

When there are only a few dirty dishes he just shoves them in on top of the already clean dishes in the dishwasher and runs the whole lot again, thereby getting the dirty dishes somewhat clean and the clean dishes somewhat dirty.

Anyone else driven to the brink of insanity by little things like this??

southeastastra Mon 08-Jan-07 14:48:11

mine sticks his tongue up his nose when he's concentraing

sandcastles Mon 08-Jan-07 14:53:31

He Breathes.....

He has a habit of jiggling his legs when watching TV

Lets the back door slam EVERYTIME he goes thru it

Puts dd dirty clothes ON TOP of the washing bin, instead of in it

Turns over the TV channel with out asking if I am watching something (admittedly I am usually out of the room...but not the point..could be the ads!)

seasonscheatings Mon 08-Jan-07 14:54:10


Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:02:56

Sandcastles, mine does the dirty clothes on top of the hamper thing. Maybe it's a man thing. Why not just lift the lid??

Radley Mon 08-Jan-07 15:22:30

OOOOOOOOooh good thread, now let me see

Putting dirty dishes at the side of an empty dishwasher

Leaving his sweaty socks in balls for me to unravel before washing them

Leavin his undercrackers tangled up with his work trousers

Mucky washing on the bedroom floor

Not cleaning the toilet after himself

Inability to dress kids in something that remotely matches

Turns television over when he wants.

Makes me tape things I want to watch as he finds the programmes 'boring', bearing in mind it's only 2 programmes all week.

Dinosaur Mon 08-Jan-07 15:23:45

Breathes in and out

Flumpybumpy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:26:11

southeastastra - mine too, gross .

FB x

Nip Mon 08-Jan-07 15:27:16

Dries up the plates etc but leaves them on the side rather than putting them away???

Leaves numerous reading articles in the toilet!

Forgets to put sudocream on DS's bottom after changing the nappy???? <- this one gets me all the time!

KathyMCMLXXII Mon 08-Jan-07 15:27:21

He always forgets to put the salt out when he's laying the table.

mellowma Mon 08-Jan-07 15:28:38

Message withdrawn

ProfYaffle Mon 08-Jan-07 15:30:47

Walks along the street at his usual pace while I'm 100 yards behind walking at a snail's pace with dd. He carries the changing bag with my purse in it so if I want to buy anything I have to stand in the street and bellow at him to come back.

Flicks teletext on for football results without any warning or notice, irrespective of what I happen to be watching at the time.

KezzaG Mon 08-Jan-07 15:31:38

Mine are

always needing to go to the loo just as we are walking out of the door. How does it creep up on him that quick fgs?

leaving his wallett and keys and always always a scummy screwed up peice of tissue on the nearest available surface when he gets in from work. What is it with men and their inability to find a bin.

ditto all clothes washing related incidents

Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 15:32:17

leaves childrens clothes on the bathrrom floor after bathing them

Puts things'next to' the recycling bin and not actualy in it'

Plays with his rather bushy eye brows while watching tele.

Slams the front/car/back door every time he leaves or enters.

Puts the light on rather than open the curtains in the morning.

Flumpybumpy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:32:25

ProfYaffle - yep and that too!!!!!

FB x

fairyjay Mon 08-Jan-07 15:33:34

Hangs wet towels over the bathroom door.

Empties the dishwasher, and leaves everything neatly stacked up on the side for the fairies to put away.

hotandbothered Mon 08-Jan-07 15:34:00

Not emptying dirty water out of washing up bowl.

Randomly flicking on the remote control - I want to watch a WHOLE programme please!

Not coming to bed til after 1:30.

Ignoring dd when he is ohn the computer/reading the paper.


Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 15:34:13

Oh yes profYaffle mine 'runs' up the road too even if hes holding ds's hand who is 2.5!!

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 08-Jan-07 15:34:31

Puts his shoes by the front door so I nearly break my neck on them as I waljk out

Says he's washed up, but when I go into the kitchen, I find he has only done plates.

Steals the book I am reading to read on the bog and then loses the page I'm on

Watches cricket in the wee small hours and then moans about how exhausted he is

He does the teletext thing as well.

hotandbothered Mon 08-Jan-07 15:35:46

I can't possibly be living with all these men can I?

ginnedupmummy Mon 08-Jan-07 15:36:05

Message withdrawn

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 08-Jan-07 15:37:40

And he leaves piles of washing at the bottom of the satirs for me to fall over on the way down, but won;t actually take it up with him. He steps over it quiet often

snig Mon 08-Jan-07 15:37:49

- puts dirty washing in front of the washing machine instead of in the basket we have especially for dirty washing.
- picks his nose
- does really loud and revolting farts that smell like a farm yard and then whistles Kylie/jason tune 'especially for you' at me .. i'll prob think of some more in abit

Gingeme Mon 08-Jan-07 15:37:54

When he washes up thats all he does he doesnt wipe the sides down then leaves the dish cloth screwed up in a ball next to the sink

Tex111 Mon 08-Jan-07 15:38:55

Oh yes, that walking off thing too. I especially hate it on the rare occasion we go to the grocery store together. He goes off with the children in the trolley playing boy racer and I end up wandering around the shop bellowing his name while balancing groceries in my arms.

A new one is demanding that we all sit at the table together for Sunday lunch, which I agree is important, but then he starts checking the football scores or stock reports on in Blackberry!

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