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OLD question I am rusty opinions please...

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Willmum79 Thu 07-Apr-16 09:39:53

Hi All

Well here goes, been OLD for a couple of months, couple of dates but nothing that good to report so far lol.... Then I met someone a few weeks ago and been on three dates stuff happened on last date iykwim 😐...

Do you think that was too soon?

Before that we were in contact a lot on whatsapp, after last date it's kind of tailed off a bit, but he has asked me for another date but not really confirmed anything....

I'm probably being silly and over thinking it- he's still on the dating site obv and I know I should be too as you can't put all your eggs in one basket so they say lol...

Feeling super anxious about it all, he was texting to say good morning, but hasn't today ... Should I text him or wait it out to see if he contacts me? Feel like a silly teenager lol...

Would love your opinions on this, thanks all xxxx

sparklesnpearls Thu 07-Apr-16 09:47:36

Will mum hi I'm like you once I've gone to second base things become all the more anxious/worrying.

I'm also in a new relationship where I met my guy Saturday and he been over every single night since! We DTD but I'm not feeling anxious with him as I get feeling he feels the same way which really doesn't happen often.

I would say to you...imo once sex has happened the guy sort of creates space n thinks how he feels about things. I have the philosophy that if its meant to be then it will be.

Sorry I'm not really good at giving advice hmm

CheersMedea Thu 07-Apr-16 10:07:53

Do you think that was too soon?

To soon for what is the question. I assume by "stuff happened" you mean you had sex?

If you just wanted sex, then no. It's rarely "too soon".

If you wanted to have sex and wanted to minimise the risk of him playing to a male stereotypic thinking you were "easy" but weren't really bothered about it developing into a relationship, then no it wasn't too soon.

If you wanted to have sex with someone you liked and trusted and were pretty sure wasn't going to do a runner after you'd had sex, then yes it was "too soon".

Three dates is what - between 3 to 9 hours spent with someone? - you can't really get a good sense of someone's character or properly trust them in that time.

TheNaze73 Thu 07-Apr-16 14:44:40

It depends what your long term goals are. If it's a fling or whatever, I would DTD whenever, however if I had a gut feeling that I liked someone and could see a future, I'd make them wait at least 3 months. Think this is very much a personal thing, with no right or wrong

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