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Wonder if dh has adhd.

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sorbetandcream1 Wed 06-Apr-16 21:38:06

I love my Dh so much but he is seriously difficult to live with. We recently watched something about adhd, it sounded exactly like dh. We've done lots of reading, he matches the description exactly. Has anyone ever been diagnosed adhd as an adult? Any benefit?

Also (this may or may not be linked to adhd, if he has it) he has no initiative whatsoever. I sometimes feel like his life is basically just the life I want coz he doesn't organise, plan anything. E.g. he keeps getting in debt for no good reason. He agreed that hed rather I manage his finances! So i did. I've started giving him a set amount each month. The minute he finds bank card he takes crazy amounts of money out (even though he asked me to sort out his finances) agreed to everything.

Same with food. He constantly struggles with dieting, I created a healthy eating schedule for us both. Shop once a week. He loves it. Tonight I was home later than normal so he went out for a takeaway. Then he feels terrible. Thoughts anyone?
Im basically a controlling wife who hates being controlling but he doesn't seem to be able to cope unless I'm controlling. Help!

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