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Seeing NC father at funeral today after 15 years

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ElsaMars Wed 06-Apr-16 09:30:15

I have a Grandparents funeral today. Father will be there with stepmother and half sister who is same age as me (sure you can figure it out) . I haven't seen him for 15 years, he has never met DH or my child and that's the way I prefer it.

There is an incident my past regarding him that I won't go into but it's troubled and upset me a lot and I have disclosed to a few people including DH over the years.

How do I act today? I want to be civil but starting to panic now!

iyamehooru Wed 06-Apr-16 09:37:21

I would try to avoid being in eye contact or so close that you have to make any kind of acknowledgement. If you do have to I would smile or say hello and keep walking. Good luck I'm sure it won't be easy but hope DH is going with you.

LineyReborn Wed 06-Apr-16 09:37:51

I would say a curt nod of the head in the direction of your father and his wife then turn your back and talk to your DH.

Just try to remember that your half sister isn't to blame for any of this.

It sounds tough flowers

ElsaMars Wed 06-Apr-16 19:23:27

Thanks. It was truly bloody awful and I had a very strained conversation with him. He also apologised to my DM, emphatically grasping her hands confused

They divorced when I was 2 so it was beyond weird to see it.

My body language would have told anyone how I felt and I drank too much wine!

LineyReborn Wed 06-Apr-16 19:30:28

Glad you survived it all. flowers

It can all be very unnerving.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Wed 06-Apr-16 19:32:36

Well done Elsa flowers for you. Sounds like a shit day

Imbroglio Wed 06-Apr-16 19:58:05

Well done. It's over now. Breathe. wine.

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