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Separating from a narcissist

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nannoo123 Mon 04-Apr-16 14:30:00

My closest friend is separating from a narcissist after 30 years and three children. She has only just discovered that the evil, conniving, twisted elements of his personality have a name. The problem is that they never married - he refused - and as he walked out to live with another woman, my friend is still in "his" house, which he has put on the market. He has promised to give her another house, one that he already owns, once the house she is now living in is sold. But he is a typical narcissist and it is obvious that this will not happen. She has been told by a solicitor that she has no legal rights as all the children are in their 20s. However, she will not leave this house that she has lived in for 30 years as she feels she has some leverage. What can she do? If she has no legal rights (UK), is there a way she can manipulate him to sign over this other house? She has nothing otherwise, no savings, no goods, no pension. If you have experience of dealing with someone with NPD in this situation, please help.

saltlakecity Mon 04-Apr-16 16:33:02

Is it his house or is she on the deeds and morgage? Have they paid in vastly differing amounts? I don't like the word manipulate. It sounds no better than narcissist she's escaping.

nannoo123 Mon 04-Apr-16 17:14:35

Oh, it is his house and she is most definitely not on the deeds. She paid in nothing at all as he frowned on her working for money, preferring her to stay at home and pander to his every whim! Not that that would hold up in court.

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