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I don't know what the subject should be

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Springdew Sat 02-Apr-16 23:55:03

Dp leans over me on the sofa to plug in laptop, he accidentally drops end of lead which donks me right on bridge of nose, surprises me and hurts a bit. I said ouch, he said loudly and abruptly 'shhhh'

Springdew Sun 03-Apr-16 00:05:54

Sorry did not mean to create so soon! I'm annoyed at this and said surely it's normal in these circumstances to say sorry rather than shhh? So then I get a long drawn out sooooorryy which clearly is insincere and sarcastic.

Springdew Sun 03-Apr-16 00:11:38

This happened In front of teen dd but pretty much went unnoticed, and I first of all ignored, but then it escalated and all of a sudden I'm at fault and I'm the one having to leave the room to save drama and my sanity

Birthgeek Sun 03-Apr-16 01:24:43

He was being an arse. His first reaction was to silence you, followed by belittling you, followed by some sort of escalation. Not on.

RiceCrispieTreats Sun 03-Apr-16 10:04:10

Is this part of a pattern of behaviour?

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Mon 04-Apr-16 08:58:07

Jesus. That's not normal. Normal is surprise, alarm, apologies and a kiss better.

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