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Lost .... intamacy/relationship

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Jenjen85 Sat 02-Apr-16 17:02:38

Not sure where to start but pregnant with DC2 (not planned at all as had a coil) Iv had nausea from around 8wks until 15ish and somewhere between being a mum to our 2.5yr old DD, work, worrying about finances and how we can afford an extension to fit in new child in me and my OH have drifted apart. We have only had sex once in the 18wks Iv been pregnant as I'm just not interested. At the minute I just feel like we're living side by side not as husband and wife. We are snapping at each other and Im worried this will break us apart. Any advice most welcome

TheNaze73 Sat 02-Apr-16 17:33:26


There are so many posts about the lack of intimacy in relationships, libidos etc etc & how it effects things. Sex & money are the two biggest causes of break ups in the Uk.

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