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Just unbelievable behaviour of STBXH!!!

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donners312 Thu 31-Mar-16 12:25:32

I have posted before and got great support but don't know how to link threads.

Long story short separated from STBXH several months ago he pays NO maintenance, has emptied the bank account (taking out tens of thousands in cash some weeks) has fraudulently used my credit cards.

He lives in the ME and lost his job in January but said there signing a lease for GBP 40,000!! at the same time insisting we moved to a council house.

I asked him in January when he would like the children - no response.

He then refused me permission to leave England/wales to take the children to visit my parents so i have had to get a court order to go and see them.

Only to discover this morning he has gone on a rugby tour to Thailand with his mates.

So the man who claims to be so poor he cannot pay maintenance is spending thousands on the 4th holiday since January!!!

And saying he can ONLY see the children the week we were meant to be going away (something he only said after I told him so spitefully trying to stop the children holiday that he isn't even paying for) It has cost me an additional GBP 3000 to take the children because of applying for the court order.

I feel so ill - how can he do this to his children?

Mumanddadtoone Thu 31-Mar-16 17:08:35

Sorry you've had no replies, didn't want to read and run.

He's doing all this because he's a spiteful twat.
Hope you have a good solicitor who can advise you on your rights.
The sooner the divorce goes through the better, hopefully you will be much better off financially then.

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