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Kiss Cam Cheating?

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1SassyGirl Mon 28-Mar-16 10:08:45

My husband and I recently watched a video on YouTube where a woman and a man on the Ellen show were put on the Kiss Cam, they shared a pretty passionate kiss and then Ellen realized the guy on the other side of her was her husband and the guy she kissed was his brother.

I thought it was hysterical and funny , but my husband said it was disrespectful and humiliating to the husband and as far as he is concerned it's cheating. I told him he was being silly and over-reacting, I thought it was just a harmless fun for the Kiss Cam.

Would love to hear other opinions on this
BTW Here's the video :

NewNameNotTheSame Mon 28-Mar-16 10:20:00

hmm why wouldn't she just face the other way and kiss her husband? Assuming it's not a set up, I agree with your DH.

ladylambkin Mon 28-Mar-16 10:23:57

Sorry I also agree with your Dh

1SassyGirl Mon 28-Mar-16 11:09:53

I thought it was all just a big act they put on for the Kiss Cam. I'm a little surprised at my hubby's reaction, he didn't find it funny at all. He says it's cheating. I just thought they were being silly, I mean, why would they do that right in front of her husband unless they knew he wouldn't get upset about it?

RealityCheque Mon 28-Mar-16 11:38:39

Looks shit. Proper bottom-feeder TV.

Abed Mon 28-Mar-16 15:08:53

I cannot imagine giving my SIL a snog hmm

But yes your DH is right.

Have you snogged his brother OP? grin

TheNaze73 Tue 29-Mar-16 14:17:49

I'm with your DH

TheLesserSpottedBee Tue 29-Mar-16 14:30:27

I'm with your Dh too.

Slowdecrease Tue 29-Mar-16 14:33:00

1000% set up, nobody really buys this crap do they??

BertmacklinFBI Tue 29-Mar-16 14:39:27


BolshierAryaStark Tue 29-Mar-16 14:47:23

Really, you thought it hilarious? hmm
Your DH is correct.

LazyDaysAndTuesdays Tue 29-Mar-16 14:50:37

I agree with your DH.

Can't see what is so funny about it tbh.

blindsider Tue 29-Mar-16 17:45:48

Having studied the you tube side bar of shame a good few of these are clearly set ups, I reckon this is too as if I was the husband I would be raging. If it wasn't set up, she looks waaaay too comfortable snogging her BiL

1SassyGirl Wed 30-Mar-16 04:09:46

Well it appears my hubby has won the bet, it was his idea to post this question in the forum and he assured me the majority of replies would agree with him.

I guess he was right

I still think it was just harmless fun for the Kiss Cam
and NO, I have never snogged my BIL halo

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