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Better relationship with ex than when together ?

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Lifeafterex Mon 28-Mar-16 09:26:45

Just that really.

Ex dropped kids back yesterday and said we talk more now and have better conversation than we ever did ?

I'm pleased we get on, we are able to do things together as a family, invite one another in and just generally no malice despite him leaving for someone else.
We just get in very well and the times we have been out have been very natural and unforced.
About once a week we will catch up via email and spend the whole evening chatting about things or laughing.
It's just nice.

Does anyone else have this type of relationship with their ex ?!

Joysmum Mon 28-Mar-16 09:35:24

My mum and dad do. They are now best friends and count themselves more as brother and sister and have each other's backs.

There was nothing wrong with their marriage other than it wasn't right.

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