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I am drowning

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beetr00 Sun 27-Mar-16 16:44:35

really just looking for support or a kick up the proverbial

Together with DH for 35 years, last three have been a massive struggle.

I cannot move, my motivation is zero, my courage has totally disappeared.

I know I am a shadow of my former self.

Can anyone else possibly relate?

sarah48999 Sun 27-Mar-16 17:43:18

I can relate at times within my past.
I love the saying ' if you always do what you've always done , you will always get what you've always got '

I'd saying without knowing the cause of the way your feeling ?

Something needs to change , maybe small steps first to work on your courage, motivation and self esteem x

cruusshed Sun 27-Mar-16 23:08:05

any chance you are menopausal? I have been paralysed and depressed with it. i find it hard to know if it is me, him, the relationship, or hormones....

What is the backs story? there other life changes going on?

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