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Is this possible financially?

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workingonitagain Thu 24-Mar-16 21:37:21

I thought i'd come out with the simple but tough financial questions.
Im desperately planning to seperate but wanted to know if I actually can do this,
Dp earns around 60K basic and last year he earned about 80K bonus
We are not married. Have 3dc and a shared house im a ShAM youngest child is 3. I have no family to help.
Could some of you who have been through this enlightened me as to how much i can expect from him. Looking at government calculatur very little!

cheapskatemum Thu 24-Mar-16 21:51:00

Maybe try posting this on Legal Matters as it's quite a specific question? Best of luck, your life must be very stressful at the moment with three young DC and a partner who you're desperate to separate from.

littleleftie Thu 24-Mar-16 21:54:06

You need legal advice.

A rough calculation would say that if you can prove that last years pay was standard, likely to occur again this year, and not a one off, that would mean his net monthly pay is around £7k and so with three DC you would get 20% of that (£1400) each month so long as you did lions share of overnights.

However, if he can persuade courts that his £60k basic is all he can rely on, you are looking at around £3.5k take home, and so 20% of that is £700 per month.

If you were married you would be in a far stronger position financially as he might have to pay spousal maintenance too. If he wants to split childcare 50/50 you will get nothing probably.

I recommend you get legal advice and take it from there.

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