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i need your advice!

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workingonitagain Thu 24-Mar-16 20:45:33

Dp and i have 3 dc. 7,5,3. We recently moved house. Reasonably well off. I have no family over here. We are not married. House is on both of our names. I am stay at home mum. Our relationship has been detoriating the last few years. I can't see us having an amicable seperation. What are my rights? I feel if i said to him i wanted to seperate and even if it would make sense for him to find a flat for himself while we sort out house situation but if he puts his foot down and says no i should go if i want to leave him. Knowing that i have no income and until youngest child is at school, i can't get a job also know that he won't be a stay at home dad. Where can i go for advice or support?

uhoh1973 Thu 24-Mar-16 20:57:37

No clue but its good news the house is on both your names if you are not married. I expect you would get whatever the share of the house it says you own / contributed to (though this could get more tricky if he is paying the mortgage on his own). But you have no rights to ask him to leave as he has no rights to ask you to leave (I would have thought). On top of that I guess you would get child support allowance (or whatever it is called)? As a first base try citizens advice. Their used to be legal aid for family law but I thought this had been 'wound up' now? Good luck!

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