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Dating - this one covers all bases

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Ipsydola Wed 23-Mar-16 23:11:42

"Love rat, 40, duped single mothers by claiming he a was scuba-diving ex-SAS Michelin-starred chef who once worked as Princess Diana's bodyguard on her trip to Angolan minefields "

AuntieStella Thu 24-Mar-16 16:51:04

"Judge said: 'He almost needs to wear a placard to warn who he is'

Presumably that's the grown up way of saying "pity that twats don't come with a label".

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Thu 24-Mar-16 20:33:02

"Joshua Walmsley, 40, concocted a string of lies including boasts he helped the late Princess of Wales inspect the minefields of Angola during her famous visit to the civil war ravaged region in 1997.

Walmsley also said he was a former Royal Marine Commando, served in the SAS, was a deep sea diver, spoke six languages, had up to six university degrees.

He even claimed to have a Michelin star for his gourmet cooking and said he was due to become the next Dean of Blackburn Cathedral in Lancs."

People fell for this BS? Seriously?! confused Picking this over...
1. If he was a Marine then I would have thought he'd be in the Special Boat Service rather than the Special Air Service?
2. If he was with Diana in 1997, and he's 40 now, he would have been 21. Far too young to be a royal bodyguard surely?
3. Doing a degree at uni normally takes 3 years. If he has 6 degrees, and he did them back to back, it would've taken him 18 years and he couldn't have been a marine at the same time.
4. If he was in the Marines, the "SAS", and a full time uni student for 18 years, when did he have time to train as a chef and get good enough to acheive a Michelin star?
5. Six languages isn't impossible but is a hell of an achievement, especially if he claimed to be fluent.

Hell of a con man if he could get people to believe this heap of shit. So he "had an answer for everything" huh? I'd love to know what those answers were and why the ladies still believed himconfused

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