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Divorce and finances

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summersunday Sun 20-Mar-16 19:15:02

Planning to divorce my husband later this year. He has his head in sand and doesn't talk about it. He is willing though to separate finances. I'm thinking it is better to do it while we are married, and once all sorted I will file the divorce. We have no children so I'm thinking if we split finances now, it shouldn't take long when I start I process.

We have two houses, one joint and another in just his name. He is willing to pay a good amount into joint house and bank has agreed to lend me the balance based on my affordability and take him off the mortgage. Pending credit check and formalities etc. I'm happy with this agreement. Do you foresee any problems in my approach?

Bob19701 Sun 20-Mar-16 20:29:33

If you both agree how to sort the finances and are happy with it why don't you sort the finances and divorce at the same time then finalise the financial settlement on the day of the decree absolute , get a solicitor to do it and both sign a full and final settlement divorce and that's it much cleaner and easier that way.

summersunday Mon 21-Mar-16 09:20:21

Some logistics and trying to get a new job that I need more time. I'm not feeling very sad which is weird. He also agreed and hasn't shown that he is sad, only gets frustrated if I bring it up. Something is not right, can't put my finger on it. Just wanted to check that one house each is fair enough or not.

OzzieFem Mon 21-Mar-16 10:17:36

Well, I suppose a divorce lawyer could try to get you half the equity in the house which is in his name as well. As there are no children involved that makes the divorce easier. Other things to look at are: 1) Did husband own other house outright before he married you? 2) Length of time married. 3) Pension plans or superannuation.

How you go about it is up to you. Do you consider you are entitled to half of what he owns, and he is entitled to half of what you own?

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