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Need advise please

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Milf2 Fri 18-Mar-16 19:49:46

Me and my partner have been together 12yrs we have 2 children 11 and 9 (we had the first one very quickly into the relationship) I just fill like now we have nothing in common unless the kids are home we hardly talk all passion has gone we don't kiss or hug anymore or even say we love each other. I think if we didn't have the children we would be together. He pays all the bills and all I have to pay for is the shopping each week, birthday presents and xmas presents.
We live in a council house which is in both our names how do I go about getting my own place I don't think I can live with him anymore and I know for definite he won't move out, I have no family or friends were we live and I can't drive I fill so alone. A few years back he was chatting to other women on an adult website to meet and have sex ( he said he never meet any of them) and we decided to make a clean slate and try again I think we made the wrong decision I wish I kicked him out when I had the chance. I would love more children buts he's had the snip and although we are engaged he never wants to marry me I think I would be better off without him me and the kids would be fine I just don't no how to go about it all, I've only ever lived with him 😳

C0C0 Fri 18-Mar-16 20:45:13

Sorry no advice as I am in a similar situation (could almost have written your post) and wondering what I should do so will be interested in others advice too.

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