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can we talk about female friendships?

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mrsfleming32 Fri 18-Mar-16 13:54:43

Need advice please? Anyone there?

PinotEgregio Fri 18-Mar-16 13:56:12

What is the problem?

springydaffs Fri 18-Mar-16 14:02:39

A few hundred thousand of us here op wink

mrsfleming32 Fri 18-Mar-16 14:03:55

I'm in a real pickle. A close friend bought tickets for a concert 60 miles away, as a surprise, for three of us and though I really appreciate the generosity I just don't want to go. I said I couldn't afford the associated costs, then it was arranged that we would stay with her relatives in the area shock
I'm really stressing about telling her and fretting that I will damage the friendship - my two friends are very high earners with husbands - I am on my own, through my own choice, I have a job I love but I don't make any where near the amount of money they are on and I think they forget that my circumstances are very different.
Also it's Easter weekend, DD has obstructive sleep apnoea and we are waiting for an operation date for her - I really don't want to be away from her just now.
How can I be as diplomatic as possible and maintain my friendship? I'm really stuck - I wish she had asked before she got the tickets.

RiceCrispieTreats Fri 18-Mar-16 14:06:31

"Thanks for your generosity, but I can't come. With DD so ill right now I really don't want to be away from her just now. I hope that you can find another person for your available ticket and that you all have a fabulous time."

SickInBedOnTwoChairs Fri 18-Mar-16 14:13:03

Just what RCTs said OP. No biggie. You are worrying and overthinking. Your friend maybe should have spoken to you before lashing out on the tickets but hey, that's life! Don't stress about it.

Drugsarebad Fri 18-Mar-16 14:17:44

I stress about stuff like this a lot. I live a bit out in the sticks at the moment and I don't earn enough money for taxi's and things. I constantly worry that im letting people down, and also that they might stop inviting me if I don't ever go.

the reality it . . .true friends are understanding of the circumstances, and will not be annoyed if you simply cant go.

maybe arrange something closer to home, when you are in a better position to go.

don't fret - im sure all will be fine xxx

mrsfleming32 Fri 18-Mar-16 14:42:47

I've told them! confused

AtrociousCircumstance Fri 18-Mar-16 15:00:13

What did they say? Hope they were OK about it!

mrsfleming32 Fri 18-Mar-16 15:56:54

Not to be so stupid and that is was no problem smile

Drugsarebad Fri 18-Mar-16 16:48:35

There you go smile xxxx

Some of us worry way too much xxx

mrsfleming32 Fri 18-Mar-16 17:21:08

Thanks ladies xx

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