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Struggling with guilt, still

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AbsolutelyKnackered Thu 17-Mar-16 09:21:48

I posted last year about coming to terms with sibling abuse I suffered as a young child. Despite thinking I would never tell my parents I ended up doing just that. There's a thread about it so I'll not go into it all again. I had amazing support on here and it made such a difference to me. I think many of you were right - they either don't believe me or simply cannot face it. That's not my fault though is it? Why should I have to live with it for another 35 years? I have been so much happier in myself since it all came out. The anger I directed inwards, or at the wrong people, is mostly gone or directed at the them.

Nothing new to report since telling my mother to eff off in October. But it's been a tricky couple of months - her birthday, then mother's day. It's their 50th wedding anniversary later this month too and that is making me feel especially bad as I cannot imagine them having the big family celebration they would have had had I not disclosed. I can be doing sth and the guilt just pops up from nowhere and I wish I'd not told them. But then I know I couldn't have carried it with me anymore, especially as she wouldn't leave me alone. I'm still having counselling, once a month. My DH is being amazing. Always there to listen. Thinks there is sth wrong with my mum (the telling the hospital not to give me any information about my dad was the very last straw for him; he found it very cruel).

Does the guilt ever go?

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