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How to move on

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Marylou82 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:49:46

This may all sound confusing so please tell me if it makes no sense. Me and dh had an argument where we both said we don't feel the same anymore. We've talked about it and in the past he hurt me he says he never cheated but it does look that way. He doesn't feel the same as he's hurt me and I don't feel the same as I've been hurt. We both love each other a lot and enjoy our time together but I have a problem with insecurity to the point i struggle with day to day life. I work and try to get it out of my head but I feel so awful about myself I struggle. I constantly think I'm not good enough and feel uncomfortable when out with him if I see a good looking women. We don't have much sex, the reason we argue, he isn't that interested but I think that's because I'm so insecure, but I'm even more insecure because of this. Anyways he wants us to work on our relationship but where do I start?

Marylou82 Tue 15-Mar-16 21:33:14


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