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so i did something stupid

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ddeemummy Mon 14-Mar-16 16:56:41

Dh is still in a mood with me. Saturday night went out on a well longed for night out with a couple of friends. I started taking sertraline last week and im well aware it says avoid alcohol but having researched and spoke to my friend who had taken it decided to have a couple of drinks in moderation ( 2 single vodka and cokes and 3 wkds) I didnt feel drunk but I ended up with A bad stomach had to come home. Was feeling really emotional as it was and hes gone and gone mad with me.

We argued sat night and I passed out he ended up staying up in a mood. Yesterday we argued again and he told me im irresponsible for putting myself in danger ( i agree). He went bed at tea time and I couldnt sleep was up most night so hes in a mood again.

Just had a txt saying dont expect him to do any jobs when he gets home hed off bed. Said his heads killing and falling asleep. Hes always so grumpy when hes not had much sleep why I do much night stuff with kids.

My anxietys sky high know its my own fault but really annoyed with myself. Totally think hes over reacted sometimes get so fed up of how over protective he is.

To make matters worse hes been having a go at me for arguing when step sons here incase he goes tells his mum but he was the one started shouting id of gladly took myself to bed

Hoping he comes round soon we dont often argue but when we do he can go off for days he knows how low I am so why cant he just let it go now. Arghh had to vent somewhere not sure I need any advuce or anything just needed get it off my chest

lookingforafriend Mon 14-Mar-16 17:00:14

Hey....I also take sertraline.....don't drink or smoke.....I have ext anxiety and depression, mood swings blah blah blah.....

He is frustrated as he is unable to help you with your low mood and he is simply trying to help you...why don't you send a message and suggest a talk tonight over some dinner and explain...

Worth a shot.....nothing to lose..take care and good luck X

ddeemummy Mon 14-Mar-16 17:08:55

Thanks. I know hes upset with me id of been same. He said before I went out not to drink so hes not happy I ignored him.

Had night out planned for a few weeks jiat wanted to letmy hair down a bit sad

Bringiton2016 Mon 14-Mar-16 17:21:59

I did the same on sertraline a few years ago and actually blacked out. Dh was terrified, but it was a lesson learnt, neither of us had expected that to happen.

Your dh seems very ott. Surely he should be supporting you starting this powerful drug and the roller coaster ride that entails. Is his moodiness and unreasonable behaviour the reason you're on the drug in the first place??? He's being a total prick. You've learnt your lesson, you weren't supposed to know how you'd react and that's the end of it. He needs to pull his finger out and do more than his fair share whilst your mood stabilises on these tablets. This probably means you having a break from the kids tonight, and not him slinking off to bed. You are ill FFS.

ddeemummy Mon 14-Mar-16 17:57:05

Hes always very over protective hes same with kids. Im not on the meds because of him ive had anxiety on and off for years. And been feeling particually low lately so been back doctors.

Hes generally very supportive usually he does kids bedtime routine while I get a bath or watch soaps or something

Bringiton2016 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:40:10

I hope you've managed to calm him down, and I hope he's looking after you. We all make mistakes, we shouldn't have to pay for them for days on end, especially when you're feeling so fragile at the moment. Good luck with the tablets.

ddeemummy Mon 14-Mar-16 20:00:34

Thanks. He seems ok hes not gone to bed had kids all over him playing with son as we speak. Will see what hes like with me soon

Waltermittythesequel Mon 14-Mar-16 20:07:21

I do wonder what state you were in, tbh...

That's a powerful drug and you knew you shouldn't be drinking on it.

Do you really think he's U to have not wanted you in that state and arguing with ss in the house?

I'd imagine your annoyance is feeding is since he's in the right, IYSWIM.

Cabrinha Mon 14-Mar-16 21:00:27

How is 2 vodkas and 3 WKDs drinking in moderation? confused that's not in moderation even if you're not on a drug you've been told not to drink on. And research drugs and alcohol does not include "well my mate was on it".

I'd be pretty annoyed you'd done that too.

That said, you're anxiety is sky high and he should be supportive.

Only you know what he's usually like. Your anxiety will be hard for him too (though far worse for you) and it must have been frustrating for him to see the alcohol effect - and frightening too, if you passed out! If he's normally a good and supportive husband, I'd cut him slack over this - and expect him to cut you choice for the bad choice to drink with new drugs.

If he's like this a lot... Different matter.

mum2mum99 Mon 14-Mar-16 22:29:42

You have learnt your lessons and the natural consequences . You weren't well and makes matter worse picking new fights when he should be supporting you. That's not what I call being a supporting partner.
Maybe time for a good talk?

haveacupoftea Mon 14-Mar-16 22:37:24

Bear in mind that your anxiety can heighten any perceived slights, my DH has anxiety and often asks what's wrong, why am I in a bad mood etc when I just have resting bitch face hmm

Dont let yourself get too annoyed, just keep doing what you're doing, he'll get over it eventually. He is probably finding your condition a little difficult to live with and hoping you'll improve soon and kind of annoyed that you set yourself back as it impacts his quality of life. Yes that may be selfish but that is the human condition.

mum2mum99 Mon 14-Mar-16 22:41:25

You weren't well and makes matter worse.
Should says: "he makes matter worse"...

ddeemummy Tue 15-Mar-16 10:16:54

Thanks for replies. Had bit of a family crisis last night so it kind of got pushed to one side. He just worries too much.

I wont be drinking again anyway whilst on them

GeorgeTheThird Tue 15-Mar-16 10:19:06

"A couple of drinks in moderation" - what you drank is actually quite a lot.

curren Tue 15-Mar-16 14:18:57

My issue (if I were him) is that your researched it before and made the decision. Not like you went out and got carried away.

You drank quite a lot. I have to say I would be really upset if dh planned on going out and drinking that much knowing he shouldn't and what could happen if he did. He isn't handling well.

But even those of us who live with people who have anxiety or mental health problems find it a bit much on occasion, and react badly. It's impossible to be 100% supportive, a 100% of the time. Especially when that person has made the decision to do something harmful.

Chocolatteaddict1 Tue 15-Mar-16 14:31:54

So what if you got pissed. Where on Tuesday now he needs to get over it.

When he sent you that "don't expect me to do any jobs text " I would have sent " well don't expect any fucking tea then!"

I have bad anxiety and when I drink (very rarely and go over board) it can put me in bed for two days. Dh rather than making me feel even more shit about myself will make sure that I'm ok. When I'm feeling better we will have a talk about if he is upset and why I got so drunk. Last time I drank was on NYE. I stopped drinking because I knew I had a problem with not knowing when to stop. Tbh I don't think what you drank was a lot! The tablets would have made things a lot worse.

Don't drink on the tabs again - a lessened learned but don't be too harsh on yourself

Chocolatteaddict1 Tue 15-Mar-16 14:32:12

We're *

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