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Feeling at wits end... Why is no one there for me?

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Anonsad Fri 11-Mar-16 02:35:38

I'm feeling completely desperate and at my wits end. I'm at home with my 10 month old and have been having a lovely time and coping well but I brought up to my husband and family (who ding live in the UK, so I see them rarely) that I felt I needed a bit of extra support/ kindness as I never get to see my parents. This basically was totally ignored and my parents and husband got defensive/ aggressive about their support to me and I now feel like I'm spiralling into deep unhappiness. I've struggled watching all the other first time mums I know see their families on a weekly basis when I only had myself. I thought when I saw my family over Christmas they might understand I had new pressures and want to support me, instead the whole holiday was about everyone else's problens.

It's really difficult to have asked for a bit more consideration and for it to be ignored. I'm really happy with my Lo but Im now feeling like I have no one to turn to for help. It all came to a head this weekend when I completely broke down and was begging my husband and family for a bit of kindness which they finally accepted. I'm devastated that it took me crying on a ball in the floor to get anyone to listen and the effect on my husband has clearly only been temporary as he was really difficult with me last night.

I've been really strong for my lo these past 10 months, but why does it mean no one is there for me?

peppatax Fri 11-Mar-16 08:46:08

It might be a good idea to see your doctor as this sounds very familiar and I was diagnosed with PND when my daughter was roughly the same age. I agree you shouldn't have to get to that point for someone to listen but maybe with professional help on board then family support will be more forthcoming.

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