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dv ex Child maintenance & overnight contact

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Chirstmascake1 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:17:55

Firstly thanks for all the support on here I finally kicked out partner a few weeks ago and am feeling infinitely better and more relaxed although it's a lot of work with a little one on your own.

I had called the police previously and final straw was being called a f* fat b* for asking him to take rubbish out.

Anyway dc is 18 months and he has a day at weekend contact. Now asking for a stay over contact I think in view of dv and him not being settled in his own place this is a bad idea. Anyone any experience of this? What is I refuse and he makes court app? I read somewhere that under 4 years old, courts don't tend to order it.

Also, is it worth going though child maintenance system just so they calculate the right amount? Dc is young and his salary will increase over the years, but I'd rather start off as mean to go on.

Thank you x

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