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ridiculously still upset over this! When will it stop?

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Jollyphonics Wed 09-Mar-16 19:04:20

I've posted about this before, so sorry to be boring.

I met a man through a club my kids belong to. We started texting about 3 months ago, this developed into flirting, lots of daily texts, a couple of dates, then we had sex. All great. But he went cold the next day and just sent a couple of polite texts over the next few days. I subsequently found out he was married. I've seen him twice since at the club, and it's all been civil obviously. I haven't said anything as I don't want to cause problems for my kids, and there's not much to say really is there.

Anyway, it's been nearly 2 weeks now and I'm still pathetically upset about it. I can't stop thinking about him, and how he lied to me, and how stupid I was, but how believable he was. I hadn't dated for years and this man came out of the blue, bowled me over, made me smile and feel attractive again, and now it's all been taken away. I feel so low about it.

I keep waiting for this sadness to lift, but it won't, and if anything it's getting worse.

Can anyone share experiences about how long it took to get over it? I know we're all different but it would bring me comfort to know what time-frame others have had to deal with. I've even considered on-line dating to try and take my mind off it, but that's just depressing me because I'm not ready to think about someone else.

I know this is me me me, and I do feel guilty about his wife too, but I genuinely didn't know about her.

Please tell me this will pass soon!

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