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is this suspicious or is he a idiot

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runningbug123 Tue 08-Mar-16 18:11:25

I'm not sure why I'm posting but something has been playing on my mind all day. 

Last night H Said he had seen a news paper article on his phone he thought I would like to read about weight loss and muscle mass. He told me to get his phone out of his work coat and go on history and I will see it. 

So I did, It showed he had been on Facebook and displayed girls names. When you look at profiles and it saves as names in the history. I scrolled down and there were between 8-10 names one had a simple name so I remembered it. 

Anyway later on I went on my profile and searched out the name and it came up with the name and also H place of work. So it was someone he works with. 

Now my H works for a global company and his place of work is huge but the department he works in has 20 people on his shift and due to the nature of the job it is a male role. Outside of his department he doesn't see the same people twice as he doesn't work set shifts and takes breaks at different times every day. 

I knew of 1 lady that worked with him as I met her at the Christmas party. 

So I asked him and he said they do work with him and are on his team and they do the easy work. They had friend requested him and as he doesn't go on Facebook very often they all appeared at once and he went on each ones profile so he could block them as he couldn't be friends with them as it would make me jealous! 

He has been in this job 4 years and never mentioned half of his team are women! He said it would only make me feel upset so he never said.

He had a affair 4 years ago with a colleague. It was brief but he handed in his notice after and started this job. 

I use Facebook on my phone and he uses it on the laptop and he does use it when I'm not in sight. I can see when he is online and as soon as I enter the room before I get there I hear a click and he goes on to another page. 

I just don't know what to think, it's strange not to tell me right? Even if he thought I would be jealous?

AyeAmarok Tue 08-Mar-16 18:18:34

As he has form, I'd say your gut instinct is probably correct.


AyeAmarok Tue 08-Mar-16 18:20:12

he said they do work with him and are on his team and they do the easy work.

He also sounds like he's a bit sexist? This isn't a very respectful thing to say.

Jan45 Tue 08-Mar-16 18:21:33

So he is still being dishonest with you even after having an affair.

The clicking out of the site is worrying, sorry but I think he's up to no good again.

Paddingtonthebear Tue 08-Mar-16 18:22:35

All those things together sound highly suspicious to me. And passing it off / blaming you for being jealous because of his previous indiscretion, presumably when you caught him out? Not good.

He sounds devious and a bit full of himself tbh. Those women "do the easy work" ? hmm

YouAreMyRain Tue 08-Mar-16 18:26:49

Can't you get him to log in to his FB to see if he really has blocked them?
It would be very odd to block friend requests from work. I ignore but blocking is rude!

BlueEyesAndDarkChocolate Tue 08-Mar-16 18:29:49

Women do the easy work? FFS, he sounds like a bit of a twat.

But I think you are right to be wary. Being on line and hiding the page as soon as you come in, is well dodgy (technical term)

Coconutty Tue 08-Mar-16 18:31:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

228agreenend Tue 08-Mar-16 18:35:05

My husband hasn't got a clue who I work with, and I don't know everyone at dh's place of work, so I don't think that's unusual.

However, the hiding of Facebook when you enter the room is a bit suspicious. How good are his privacy settings? Can you access it from your profile?

RudeElf Tue 08-Mar-16 18:37:30

Ugh! He sounds like my ex. Would t trust him as far as could push him with my piss.

Oysterbabe Tue 08-Mar-16 18:44:17

Only using FB when you aren't around does sound a bit dodgy.

I FB stalk people from work all the time and would never cheat so I don't think that in itself is enough to prove anything.

MooseAndSquirrel Tue 08-Mar-16 18:45:19

rudeElf love the expression grin

Op that sounds pretty odd, as pp said, why block them? Given he has previous, I think id want to see his facebook

Superwitchy Tue 08-Mar-16 18:59:39

Is this real?

runningbug123 Tue 08-Mar-16 19:09:51

The term easy work was me rephrasing. Basically his department picks stock. Very very heavy stock a woman couldn't do that so I think the actual term is light duties.

Yes this is for real, why?

Superwitchy Tue 08-Mar-16 19:20:29

Sorry to offend if I'm wrong, op, but there have been a lot of fake stories recently, and this seems a bit off to me, for a first post.

Roseberrry Tue 08-Mar-16 19:34:31

It sounds like he is intrigued by these women and has been looking at their profiles. It would be interesting to see if he has blocked them.

runningbug123 Tue 08-Mar-16 19:35:05

Apologies I had noticed a lot of deleted threads on AIBU.

I have had to reregister as my old business email account (my domain and email) has been closed and I can't reset my password on here without it.

Superwitchy Tue 08-Mar-16 19:48:40

Sorry then smile And also sorry but it does sound a bit suspicious, as he has previously been unfaithful

runningbug123 Tue 08-Mar-16 19:59:21

The irony is he thinks I'm suspicious of him. He always says I know you don't trust me. The thing is I gained back that trust but it's dissapearing again.
He will always always say I have nothing to hide. Funny enough he said that when I found out about his affair too. He thought he hid the evidence well but he forgot about the archived folder on Facebook. I knew something had been up for weeks and I couldn't find the proof.

MrsRolandRat Tue 08-Mar-16 20:00:16

Yes it sounds well dodge to be honest.
My ex used to be very secretive about his Facebook. Would be online when I was out of the room/house and log off in my presence.

Unfortunately he was messaging girls on there who were sending him pics of themselves in their underwear.

Your gut is probably picking up something here.

TheNaze73 Wed 09-Mar-16 11:03:12

Sadly, there are too many flags here that make me think he's up to no good. Normal blokes don't do what he's up to, he's got previous etc. He should really that he needs to earn trust & what he's doing isn't exactly covering him in glory

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