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in love but not compatible?

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ChocolateCupcake123 Mon 07-Mar-16 12:46:39

Myself and DP had a big row at the weekend, about the usual stuff...him not listening, me being snappy, him being messy etc. We then got on to talking about how we both don't know if we're actually compatible, we have similar interests and outlooks on life but we just seem to rub each other up the wrong way.

We both deeply love and care for one another, but is there a way to get over this or is it impossible?

We've been together almost 3 years, I absolutely love him and would go as far as to say 'he's the one', but we just don't seem compatible in day to day living. Is love enough, can you get over these things? Or can we both change a little and meet in the middle of will we always be arguing?

I'm sorry I'm talking to you mums bet like you're s crystal ball, but quite frankly right now, you're all I've got. I'm scared I'm about to lose the man of my dreams over laundry, the dishwasher and me not saying please enough confused

ChocolateCupcake123 Mon 07-Mar-16 12:47:56

Wow typos.

*or not of
*mumsnet not mums bet

Jan45 Mon 07-Mar-16 12:49:16

I don't think love is enough for a LTR, you need similar ideals, outlooks and things in common.

3 years I'd still be expecting the honeymoon period.

Sorry it's not looking good.

misszp Mon 07-Mar-16 15:00:10

I had always thought love was enough to conquer all.

Having split from my now ex a few weeks ago after over 6 years together, partly because of our differences in emotional needs, I now sit firmly in the camp of love ISN'T enough alone.

Having said that it depends on how much each person can compromise in the relationship, but both still remain happy and fulfilled. Have you tried sitting down with him and discussing it, and perhaps drawing up a happy medium?

blindsider Mon 07-Mar-16 17:19:59

Love is DEFINITELY not enough for the simple reason that if there are massive incompatibilities, eventually the love will disappear.

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