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Partner trying to get Custody of Step child

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anonymous359 Mon 07-Mar-16 00:22:06


My question is for any mums out there that have a step child who's partner has obtained custody for.

The situation is that my partner is trying to get custody of his little girl, the mother of this little girl had dated a man who unfortunately had molested and had been violent towards the little girl and the mother, the man is now out of the picture thank god but was not done for child molestation as there was not enough evidence. we have been told he had also done this to his child with her.

This happened recently and is currently going through social, the woman has 3 other children as well, the child in question is 10 years old, she has stated to her daddy that she wants to come and live with him and we have spoken with her about the implications of leaving her siblings and moving area, we are only 30 minutes away from the mother. Mother said we would have to go through court to get custody and has threatened every month at least to stop him form seeing her permanently.

The bad things that have happened to this little girl is one reason why he wants her living with us, we are not married but have been together for 9 years and have twin girls of our own aged 5, I'm guessing this will make a difference in a custody battle through court though am not sure

The little girl has lost any friends she had at her school due to what the man did as they found out and she is getting bullied, she cant change schools as there is no spaces available in the schools near by, she lives in a small town and we live in the town over.

She has toilet accidents and we are not yet sure why we are waiting for results from the doctor but are wondering if it might not be medical but emotional. her mother is a single parent with 3 other children and is struggling with money.

The little girl has said that her mummy made her lie but has not said about what, now this mummy has said on various occasions about various different men that they have been abusive, i find it very hard to believe that in such a small town she was able to find the 6 men in a row that have been violent and abusive towards her and her children though it is possible i guess. she goes though men at he same speed i go through toilet roll. The little girl also tells us that mummy hits her on the bottom when she forgets things and shouts a lot.

It is getting more and more obvious that the mother of the little girl might just be making things up to get attention, my partner does not feel that it is a safe environment for his little girl to be in, physically and emotionally.

The little girl shares a bedroom with one of her siblings, if she was to live with us she would have her own space/room, we are financially stable enough to look after her and our girls, we have a solid fanily unit, and feel that emotionally having custody would be the best thing for her right now.

If anyone has any advise or help as to what a man can do to improve his chance of custody that would be great, i know that nothing i do can help as i am not one of the parents of this child so really just looking for any advice we can get.


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