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Really creeped out -

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ToTheLeft Fri 04-Mar-16 15:16:46

Some time last year, I worked with a volunteer (job is community based) who became overly attached to me and it became a safeguarding issue. I felt really bad for the guy as he had some learning difficulties and problematic life circumstances. I was always professional though and tried my best to help him but my employer took the decision that I would not work with him anymore due to the safeguarding concerns. I had to change my number and block him on social media (only had him on work accounts).

Anyway, the only contact details he has for me is my work email but I haven't heard from him for many months until today when I got a notification from saying that he had messaged me and as a result of his invitation, I now have a profile on there saying I'd had several views? It looks like you're encouraged to say if you like them back?

I've had online dating profiles on other better known sites before but they've been deactivated for 18 months after I met my now BF on POF. Has anyone heard of this site? I think I deactivated the profile but it's really weirded me out that someone else can create a profile for you with just an email address, and a work one at that! Not sure if I should do anything else? I've changed employer now (different funding) so not sure if it would be appropriate to contact them about it.

BlueEyesAndDarkChocolate Fri 04-Mar-16 17:17:41

But how are you still getting e-mails from an old work place? Surely the e-mail account should be deactivated?

ToTheLeft Fri 04-Mar-16 17:37:36

My job is a little complicated. I was trained by a national charitable organisation and they set up the email address. Members then are employed by host organisations depending on the funding source. So the email follows you job to job. I can't change it for this reason. It's my I hope that makes sense.

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