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kisses on the end of texts are you fickle or a habit kiss sender

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Tigger2016 Thu 03-Mar-16 17:55:39

Had this discussion with a friend last night and think I'm
A habit ending a text with an 'x' person- what about you

Millliii Thu 03-Mar-16 17:56:56

I don't do this unless it's my kids

Katenka Thu 03-Mar-16 17:59:20

I only do it to good friends or family.

I have however, out of habit, sent them to people I wouldn't normally. So I am really careful about now.

Pyjamaface Thu 03-Mar-16 17:59:55

I never do it

RedMapleLeaf Thu 03-Mar-16 18:00:44

I was very snotty about doing this, or more rather not doing it, to anyone other than my nearest loved ones. And then I went through a tough time and the kindness of strangers, aquaintances and friends got me through. I do a lot more x-ing nowadays smile

scribblegirl Thu 03-Mar-16 18:00:53

I have different rules for different friends! Some I don't 'x', I know they think it's a bit unnecessary and weird. Best friend I do one x, most other friends one, though a particular friend always does three so I copy, I have it in my head that it's appropriate/polite to respond in kind as it were!!

DP gets a huge string of them on almost everything blush my sister finds it bizzare that we still do after nearly 4 years!

ShutUpAndEatYourBurger Thu 03-Mar-16 18:09:49

I send them to my DP and family members and maybe some close friends but i wouldn't send them aquaintances, people ive just met or people on the internet.

Abed Thu 03-Mar-16 18:14:21

I only do it when texting my wife or close female friends.

RaptorsCantPlayPoker Thu 03-Mar-16 18:16:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyNameIsSuz Thu 03-Mar-16 18:20:17

I only do it with people who do it to me! I'm not really a 'x on the end' person, but it seems a bit unfriendly when a good friend signs off with xxx and I write back with none! I have a handful of friends who do it and sometimes my mum does too, and I always reciprocate.

SwedishEdith Thu 03-Mar-16 18:20:21

Kids only. I always find it a bit bizarre when I get them. They're sneaking into work emails as well now. I don't dislike them, just find them odd.

Titsalinabumsquash Thu 03-Mar-16 18:25:07

I do to family and friends, even DS's hospital team and out childminder end messages with kisses to me! smile

I'm a bit too kiss happy though and once fired off a message to my ex and ended it with an x blush

MsMermaid Thu 03-Mar-16 18:29:50

I only x for people who have xed me first. So dh and DD don't get them because it seems silly to end "milk, bread and cheese" or "5mins" with an x. We just aren't that type of family. Some friends get one and others get 3, because that's what they send to me and it seems polite to do the same.

springydaffs Thu 03-Mar-16 18:30:06

Almost always X at the end. Looks so cold without - and I really don't like receiving texts from friends without at least one X at the end. So cold.

slicedfinger Thu 03-Mar-16 18:31:30

Almost always. In fact, it tends to autocorrect to it anyway if I put my initial.x

WhoaCadburys Thu 03-Mar-16 19:15:28

I used to hate them, but noticed I was getting a lot a and gave up not returning them. Got one in a professional email the other day which completely freaked me out. Felt I had to return it as they were more senior - then felt really uncomfortable.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 03-Mar-16 19:19:03

Nearly always. Looks cold without a x or two.

Seeyounearertime Thu 03-Mar-16 19:20:38

My GF gets 2 Xx at the end, if i forget i will send a second message filled with XXXXXXX xxxx XXXx etc.

I don't text anyone else as i hate everyone and have no friends.

BennyTheBall Thu 03-Mar-16 19:24:14

All of my friends do it and I find it most irritating, they seem to do it as some sort of sickly punctuation.

For eg, just had a quick exchange with a friend about a gym class tomorrow - completely perfunctory texts about times etc, but she has ended every one with x. Just stop it. It's so flipping girly.

RonaldMcDonald Thu 03-Mar-16 19:29:50


DoorOFF Thu 03-Mar-16 19:30:04

Really girly and weird


springydaffs Thu 03-Mar-16 19:30:59

The way I see it it's like a kiss on greeting /leaving. It's just friendly. Doesn't mean I'm in love with the person.

TheNaze73 Fri 04-Mar-16 00:07:24

Anyone who uses kisses, emojis or lol, get blocked....,, 😉 xx lol

RedOnHerHedd Fri 04-Mar-16 00:25:42

I always do two x's


VimFuego101 Fri 04-Mar-16 00:43:20

I hate it, especially in Facebook groups where the people don't even know the other people in real life. 'Can I pick up today Hun? Xxx'. STOP IT.

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