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what do you make of this?

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AugustMoon Wed 02-Mar-16 04:35:07

Sunday night we were with friends having a drink. I got quite drunk then went to bed and took a sleeping tablet. Woke up in the morning naked. I know what had happened - its happened before.
Later on H says "had a good shag last night" I say "really? I dont remember" he says "you were well into it but then suddenly said "stop now'" I asked him was that because i regained consciousness - in a bit of a sarcy way - and does it not bother him that I dont remember. He said no, as long as he remembers thats all that matters to him.
I have been feeling VERY depressed and having intrusive thoughts iyswim, since then. Is it linked?
Why cant I leave this fucking marriage?

Costacoffeeplease Wed 02-Mar-16 04:44:14

So you know what happened. Why can't you leave?

MyMoneyIsAllSpent Wed 02-Mar-16 04:52:58

Oh dear, that is really awful. Why do you feel you can't leave?

VinceNoirLovesHowardMoon Wed 02-Mar-16 04:58:58

He had sex when you were incapable of consenting and he doesn't care. He's an unrepentant rapist. I'm sorry

springydaffs Wed 02-Mar-16 05:00:05

It's rape sad

So, yes, I'd say your intrusive thoughts etc are linked sad

AugustMoon Wed 02-Mar-16 05:29:00

Costa I have no money and no bank account. I am in a foreign country with a tourist visa. I can't afford to take my children home. I cant leave them. I have nowhere to go here.

Costacoffeeplease Wed 02-Mar-16 06:06:59

That's awful - can you get any consulate help? Is it his home country?

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