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Drug fumes from neighbours

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sawan232 Mon 29-Feb-16 17:40:59

Hi all,
I have just joined this forum as I know that someone can help me? We live in a terraced house, moved here 3 years ago hoping to get a better school for children. We bought the house but soon after the move realised that one of the neighbours smoked hard drugs, requested him but after few weeks back again. Smells extremely foul with burning sensations on our lips and tongues? Don't know what he smokes. The dilema is that in the property on our left, someone now who has moved in a couple of days ago and smokes drugs. Neighbour on the right has no carpets in his house and smell get to our toilet and batch, on our left we share the chimneys, hence the smell. Is there any option apart from moving out, or is that the only option? Please help. Thanks

Fedup444 Mon 29-Feb-16 17:44:41

Phone your local council? They should contact the police..

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