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i know what your going through

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soaringdoves Sun 28-Feb-16 11:45:03

This is to the girl i know all about.
Me & your ex we got talking. He told me about you, how evil you are. He is a very cunning liar as you will be aware. He pushed & pushed for things to go further between me & him even though my intuition was telling me something was wrong.
He plays the victim card very well, infact i think he plays everyone around him very well too. I know he was running between the two of us, well when i say know i mean gut instinct.
The one thing i am thankful of is that i have no bonds with him anymore, in the form of children.
Whereas you do.
He was nasty about you to me at every given opportunity sometimes, i think, looking for back up/justification.
You know he has issues, he even told me the 'nasty' things you would say to him. But its not you thats nasty, its him.
He is one of those type that will get in your head. Little did he know he had a fight on his hands with me, ive seen his type before.
I was prepared. Im not sure if u were, and im hoping that even if you werent prepared that you sure as hell are now.
I pulled him up many times about why he would call the mother of his children disgusting names. He didnt like that i was in your corner, although i very much doubt you would see it that way.
What i seen was a young mum managing just fine with her children, working and running a house hold alone, and maybe even lonely, but you are coping.
I knew what he was, it took me a while but i clicked on.
Its difficult to get away from him.
I think he just likes the games.
I hope your one step ahead, hes probably crawled his way back to you now so i know you probably have a fight on your hands, again.
You dont know me, but i know who you are. I think about you a lot, i was lucky to get out, i hope you find the strength

Marchate Sun 28-Feb-16 13:16:02

Good post, sad story

SoThatHappened Sun 28-Feb-16 13:23:03

Better telling her this than hoping she sees it on an anonymous forum.


Lovetruelove Sun 28-Feb-16 19:02:59

Load of b.........

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