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Can it still be hormones?

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Lovemybubble15 Sun 28-Feb-16 10:23:39

I have a 7 month old ds and been with my bf for roughly 9 months. ( quick I realise but been unofficially seeing each other 3 years). Thing is before I got pregnant all I wanted was us to be together and have a family but recently I am having doubts. I don't know if it is just hormones still or the fact that motherhood does take over everything. I feel awful for feeling like this but he's such hard work - bf not dswink.
I feel like I can't talk to anyone about it either as I get the old you wanted to be with him and I don't want to be judged - is starting to concern me thinking I might not get the feelings I used to have for him back.

Proseccofiend32 Sun 28-Feb-16 10:51:12

Hi OP, in what way is he hard work?

jbee1979 Sun 28-Feb-16 10:55:59

Is he the baby's father? Having a new baby is really tough.

Lovemybubble15 Sun 28-Feb-16 10:57:12

He tries to control which doesn't work for me as I'm very independent and been used to being on my own. He also seems to be a little selfish and wants DS to fit in around him.

Lovemybubble15 Sun 28-Feb-16 10:59:13

Yes he's the dad. He has a stepson from previous relationship but technically not his own child although helped to bring him up from 4yrs.

jbee1979 Sun 28-Feb-16 20:02:18

It's really tough having a new baby and it definitely changes your relationship with your partner. We planned to have our daughter and waited so long for her, but she has come into our world like a (nice) whirlwind and life will never be the same again.

DH used to try and resist change and fight against the routine DD and I were trying to establish.

How does he control you?

Lovemybubble15 Mon 29-Feb-16 00:07:02

My DS was not planned at all and came after a mc and a tough year so I am the most thankful person ever. He's my world so he comes first. Bf I feels struggles with that and selfishly thinks he should be first.

He's tells me what I cannot do like buying things and going Places. I still do them just don't tell him.

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