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Can anyone tell me what happened to a particular poster on here about 6 months ago?

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DuchessOfWeaseltown Sat 27-Feb-16 21:56:11

Sorry but I haven't been on Rel/ships board for ages and came back on tonight with a question about MIL (which has been very helpfully answered thanks all!)

I used to lurk and if feeling I had anything useful to contribute, post occasionally. And there was a woman on here who posted a couple of very long threads about her husband. I remember being appalled and posting some unhelpful messgae of support as I had nothing practical to offer. I have often thought about her and wondered if things turned out OK for her but can't find any of her threads. I don't think they've been deleted as I honestly think she was genuine and there was never any sense that she might be a troll.

If anyone remembers: they were very long threads and very well-contributed to. She was foreign, living in the UK, living with an older and very well-off man. I think she had 2 sons. Husband subjected her to horrible sexually abusive behaviour, forcing her to have sex again and again and iirc telling his friends about her 'technique'. There was an incident where he ripped off her bikini top on a beach and wouldn't give it back.

I think she had made plans to leave him and he was being (obviously) appalling about it.

I lost track of the threads then but I have often wondered about her and wondered (hoped!) if she managed to stick to her guns and divorce him. Does anyone know the threads I am talking about?

I think she was trying to do a Masters or something... I also remember she was worried about getting no support from her family except for an aunt.

One of those horrible, horrible-sounding situations that stays with you, iykwim.

Would just like to know if it all turned out OK for her in the end.

flossyfloo Sat 27-Feb-16 22:11:21

Is this the one??.....

DuchessOfWeaseltown Sat 27-Feb-16 22:12:53

Yes! Flossy thank you. When I have a moment (ie never, as am always snowed under these days) I will have a read through. Or just towards the end to see if she updated positive news.

If you're still out there, adorably, I hope you're OK!!

Thanks flossy

Friendlystories Sat 27-Feb-16 22:23:59

Sorry to hijack your thread Duchess but there was another lady I've been wondering about, she was going through a divorce and I remember she had daughter, grown up I think but still living with her and another DC who I think was at uni. She couldn't get her STBXH to leave the house at first and he was being a real twunt, then he did leave I think but also owned the house next door and kept coming round and knocking her door. Anyone remember and know what happened to her?

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